The Part “C” of the Consultation Document of the Greek Sustainability Code involves the assessment methodology to be used for the Organizations based on their response to the Greek Sustainability Code. The Organizations will be assessed according to the degree of the implementation of the Greek Sustainability Code criteria. The assessment follows the approach of an Organization to the Greek Code criteria.

The assessment will provide a total ranking of the participant Organizations at a national level as well as a ranking per level of compliance to the Code.

The assessment sets the following goals:

  • The creation of a tool/methodology that can be used by larger Organizations, financial institutions etc for the assessment of the performance of Organizations in Greece in the fields of Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility.
  • To provide incentives to mostly smaller and less mature in the field of Sustainable Development Organizations in order to improve their performance.

Through the implementation of the Greek Code and the collection of information from Organizations of different size, legal status and specialization, the assessment can be substantially improved in order to assess an Organization against its competitors (benchmarking).

The tables used on the present document show the way the Organizations are assessed based on their conformity (Comply) with the criteria of the Greek Sustainability Code or their explanation (Explain) for the inability to comply with the criteria.