15. Equal Opportunities

CriteriaWhat it should be reportedIndicative Performance Indicators according to GRI G4
The Organization discloses in what way it has implemented
national and international processes/principles and what
goals it has set to promote equal opportunities and diversity,
occupational health and safety, the integration of migrants
and people with disabilities, fair pay as well as a work-life balance.
• Whether the Organization pays all its employees appropriately.
• What the Organization does to avoid discrimination of any kind.
• Whether there are programmes in the Organization that promote
health and education as well as the work-life balance of its employees.
Average hours of training per year per employee, by gender and by employee category.

Composition of governance bodies and breakdown of employees per employee category according to gender, age group, minority group membership, and other indicators of diversity.

Total number of incidents of discrimination and corrective actions taken.

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