10. Innovation & Product Management

CriteriaWhat it should be reportedIndicative Performance Indicators according to GRI G4
The Organization discloses how the principles of Sustainable Development,
Corporate Responsibility & energy efficiency are taken into consideration
with regard to innovations in products and services
(e.g. utilization of resources, energy saving and responsible use of
products by customers). Likewise, a further statement is made with regard
as to how the current and future impact of the key products and services
in the value chain and in the product life cycle are assessed.
• Whether, and if yes, how the Organization
uses the principles of Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility
as a driver for innovation of products and services.
• Which procedures are followed to ensure that the Organization will
exploit its potential for innovation of products and services.
• Which innovations (products/services) the Organization is
currently working on and / or which the Organization wants to address.
• Whether the Organization is cooperating with anyone in this field (e.g. with universities).
• Whether the Organization knows the social and environmental effects of
its key products and services and how the Organization determines them.

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